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We are making bond investments as simple as ABC!

“Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.” — Jeff Bullas

Nobody needs to teach us, Indians, about the need to save and invest. From a very young age, we are taught to save more than we spend. When the world laughed at our gold buying habit, the time gave them the perfect answer as gold became one of the safest investment options.

After gold, Indians trusted fixed deposits the most. Nobody can blame us for being conservative when it comes to an investment as we earn our money working hard with pride!

But the time has come for us to step up. Our savings are being affected by multiple macroeconomic conditions like inflation, and we are losing our hard-earned money’s value by the day.

The most common prescription here is to try stock market investment. Don’t get us wrong; they can be rewarding. But we should invest according to our investment horizon and risk appetite, and most of us are conservative. But can a conservative option give you returns that beat inflation?

If you think the answer to this is no, we don’t blame you. Because bond investments are yet to be simplified, we have made Scalerich precisely for that!

Scalerich is built upon the thought that bond investments, one of the most beneficial forms of investing money, should be easily accessible for everyone. Our team has burned their night oils figuring out how to introduce bonds, an investment option which has its sets of nuances, in the most simple way. That is why we have tried to implement simplicity with each aspect of Scalerich, from the registration process to researching the bonds you want to invest in. Our aim is simple – if you reach Scalerich’s website for a bond investment, you should be able to understand about bonds in a simple manner and invest without any fuss. We strongly believe that this simplicity will enable many to enjoy the benefits of bond investments without feeling like they need to be lectured.

That is why with Scalerich, we have ensured that investing in bonds is easy as ABC!

A– Do a mandatory KYC. The process is completely online and hardly takes more than two minutes!

B – Choose from many options available for you. Worry not if you are a beginner. Scalerich has made sure comprehensive details about every bond are available to you before you invest.

C – Buy the bond of your choice, and it will be delivered straight to your demat account, no fuss!


Meet the brains behind Scalerich

We, at Scalerich, are driven by passion. And passion drives our founders.

Deepanshu Kumar

Co-Founder & Group CEO

Coming from the prestigious Delhi University with a political science background, Deepanshu has a proven entrepreneurship history. The committed and ever-passionate leader is one of the backbones of our mission and aim.

Ashish Gupta

Co-founder & CTO

 Ashish heads the technology side of ScaleRich. Fueled by his engineering experience, Ashish is our tech expert that handles the technical complexities of Scalerich as we try to remain simple for the customers.

Dipanshu Kumar

Co-Founder & Backend developer

 Dipanshu is not only a leader and our founder, but he also has a key role in strengthening the back-end of Scalerich. He had a key role in ensuring Scalerich remains a smooth experience for its customers.

Nitin Shankhwar

Visual artist

 Scalerich thrives at being simple, and what fuels the same is the creative inputs from Nitin Shankhwar, our visual artist. Nitin has an enormous hand in bringing Scalerich all wonderful to you.

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